State-of-the-art donor management

Cutting-edge technology streamlines every step of the donor matching process including initial application, acceptance, registration and image uploads. Built specifically to serve the needs of our industry. Frtyl is HIPAA compliant, reliable and easy to use.

Build a smart donor database

Easily capture all donor information with a customizable database that's built on industry standards. Build, search, manage and create custom fields to match any need.

Match donors efficiently

Parents can view portfolios to search, filter and sort donors. Once they select and rank their choices, you'll receive an automatic notification.

Save time & resources

Frtyl provides one place to communicate with parents and donors, and includes tracking and automation to streamline messages, workflow and matches. Smart stats show trends and opportunities for growth.

Manage & maintain with ease

Easy to use and navigate, with simple point-and-click and drag-and-drop functionality. Supports easy uploads, all media formats and mobile access.

A platform that works the way you do.

We developed Frtyl while running Donor Concierge, so we truly understand the challenges fertility agencies and clinics face. We wanted a way to reduce the administrative burden that comes with making the right match. We couldn't find a database or tool that worked, so we built a platform ourselves.

Supported by leading agencies and clinics.

“The Frtyl team have been extremely responsive during our integration; willing to add features and accommodate our existing agency processes to make Frtyl work for us. The software will provide us with a meaningful upgrade in functionality for our parents.”
– Sam Hyde, President, Circle Surrogacy

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